Top 03 Benefits of Cashew nuts for health

1. Eating Cashews Can Help Prevent Cancer

Cashew nuts have been found to contain proanthocyanidins*, a type of flavorful proven to stop cancer cells from reproducing, and its chemical compound could prevent cancer.
1 oz serving of cashew nuts (28g) provides 37.5% of nutrients in a normal meal. A Handful types of cancer could also be prevented by eating cashew nuts daily including colon cancer, prostate cancer, and tumors.
Scientific studies have also found that high bronze content in cashews provides petrochemicals and antioxidants which are both favorable to the human body. Eubiz has selected the best ingredient source to process, pack, and bring our customers the most valuable merits.

2. Cashews are beneficial to your neuro-system

Not only are cashews beneficial in fighting cancer, but they are also helpful in strengthening the neuro-system with their Maggie-rich nature. This is one of the top benefits of eating cashews.

The high concentration of Maggie in cashew nuts aids the neuro-system and the muscles. Maggie keeps blood vessels and muscles relaxed by slowing the flow of calcium to neural cells, therefore, reducing the number of migraines and preventing heart attacks.

If your body lacks Maggie, likely, your body is also enriched with calcium that could be hurtful to the neural cells. Lacking Maggie could lead to high blood pressure, migraines, muscle tension, and fatigues. Knowing the benefits that cashews bring, Eubiz provides our customers with the best there is to offer through various types of flavors: salted cashews, coconut cashews, cocoa cashews,… Eubiz is thankful to be trusted by our international customers all over the world.

3. Cashew nourishes your hair and skin

Cashew nuts are rich in bronze, which is an important ingredient in building tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is an enzyme capable of converting tyrosine to melanin. Melanin actives create pigments in your hair and shield your skin. By incorporating cashew nuts in your daily meals, you should expect a bright and healthy glow in your skin and hair.
Eubiz is constantly striving to create a healthy production line that embraces the nutrients in cashews and at the same time, aligns with the taste of our customers from America, Europe,…

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