True love karmic relationships section synastry /composite/ Davison

True love karmic relationships section synastry /composite/ Davison

  • Each element is worth 1 part. If you have 15 or maybe more situations then you have likely a soulmate otherwise karmic relationships. Take note that each and every of them issues alone does not dictate if you or others features good karmic relationships. Go through the overall synastry / composite / davison charts. This type of arent all the it is possible to combinations but a great amount of the latest aspects one to stumbled on attention hence looked tall in my experience.

Moon conjunct Sunrays / Moonlight quintile Sun / Moon septile Sun / Moonlight novile Sun / moon sextile sun / moonlight trine sun / moon reverse sunrays

Moonlight conjunct moon / moon sextile moon / moonlight trine moon / moon septile moonlight / moon novile moon / moonlight quintile moonlight / moonlight contrary moonlight

Moon conjunct ascendant / moon sextile ascendant / moon trine ascendant / moonlight septile ascendant / moonlight novile ascendant / moonlight quintile ascendant

moon conjunct descendant / moon sextile descendant / moonlight trine descendant / moon septile descendant / moon novile descendant / mon quintile descendant

Sun conjunct ascendant / sunlight quintile ascendant /sunlight septile ascendant / sunrays novile ascendant sunshine sextile ascendant / sun trine ascendant

Sun conjunct descendant / sunshine quintile descendant /sunrays septile descendant / sunshine novile descendant / sunshine sextile descendant / sunshine trine descendant

Venus conjunct ascendant / venus trine ascendant / venus sextile ascendant / venus quintile ascendant / venus septile ascendant / venus novile ascendant

Venus conjunct descendant / venus sextile descendant / venus trine descendant / venus septile descendant /venus novile descendant /venus quintile descendant

Moonlight conjunct venus / moon septile venus / moon sextile venus / moon trine venus / moon novile venus / moonlight quintile venus / moon opposite venus

Neptune conjunct ascendant / neptune trine ascendant / neptune sextile ascendant / neptune septile ascendant / neptune novile ascendant / neptune quintile ascendant

Pluto conjunct ascendant / pluto sextile ascendant / pluto trine ascendant / pluto novile ascendant / pluto septile ascendant / pluto quintile ascendant

Sun conjunct pluto / sunlight trine pluto / sunlight sextile pluto / sunshine septile pluto / sunshine novile pluto / sunrays quintile pluto

Venus conjunct pluto / venus sextile pluto/venus trine pluto / venus septile pluto / venus novile pluto / venus quintile pluto

Mercury conjunct pluto / mercury sextile pluto / mercury trine pluto / mercury septile pluto / mercury novile pluto / mercury quintile pluto

Venus conjunct mars / venus sextile mars / venus trine mars / venus septile mars / venus quintile mars / venus novile mars

Moonlight conjunct neptune / moonlight sextile neptune / moon trine neptune / moon septile neptune/ moon novile neptune / moonlight quintile neptune

Moon conjunct pluto / moon trine pluto / moon sextile pluto / moonlight septile pluto / moon novile pluto / moon quintile pluto

Sunshine conjunct neptune / sunrays trine neptune / sunrays sextile neptune / sunrays septile neptune / sunrays novile neptune / sunlight quintile neptune

Sunrays Conjunct venus / sunshine sextile venus / sun trine venus / sunrays septile venus / sunshine novile venus / sunshine quintile venus / sun reverse venus

Moon conjunct mars / moonlight trine mars / moon sextile mars / moonlight septile mars / moonlight novile mars / moonlight quintile mars / moon contrary mars

Pluto conjunct ascendant / pluto sextile ascendant / pluto trine ascendant / pluto novile ascendant / pluto septile ascendant / pluto quintile ascendant

Venus conjunct neptune / venus trine neptune / venus sextile neptune / venus septile neptune/ venus novile neptune / venus quintile neptune

Moonlight conjunct saturn / moon trine saturn / moon sextile saturn / moonlight septile saturn / moonlight novile saturn / moonlight quintile saturn

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