Binh Phuoc invokes thoughts not only about the fertile basalt land and rich soil but also of hard work. This land merges both sweat and effort from people all over the country to reclaim the land and open the way for settlement. This is the land of about 41 ethnic groups of Vietnam, coming here to do business and live, of which the XTieng people make quite a large number of about 20%.

Here they grow cashews, coffee, and peppers, but the largest yield is cashews. This high value tree is the most suitable for the land and environment here, with a temperature of between 25 and 45 degrees C which is not too hot like Dak Lak, Dak Nong. The wind level here is not strong which helps the cashew trees here grow and develop quite well.

Binh Phuoc cashew trees are famous in Vietnam and around the world. Binh Phuoc cashew nuts are famous for their high export volume and the most valuable in the world. Due to its nutrient rich soil, Binh Phuoc cashews have a higher value than cashew nuts from Cambodia and Africa. Farmers here have an over 100-year tradition growing and preserving cashew nuts to keep the taste of the basalt soil native to Binh Phuoc province.

Farmers’ income in Binh Phuoc comes mainly from collecting cashews and selling to processors at low prices; the quantity is unstable due to crop failures and falling prices. Seeing the hardships of the cashew farmers here, EUBIZ and their associates grew worried and wondered: How can farmers be helped? How can brand value be increased? How can we bring high quality cashew nut products to the world?

Stemming from that spirit and will, EUBIZ and their associates left Hanoi and met with Binh Phuoc farmers, organized them, built factories, assisted in purchasing, enhanced processing, and began exporting cashew nuts with the EUBIZ brand name to the world.

Why is the Company branded as EUBIZ?

EU is short for EUROpean; BIZ is short for  Business. The symbol of EUBIZ is 5 stars; symbolizing the quality of prestigious products. Our products in international markets are often rated with 5 stars, of which Europe is a large target market. This is a big market but requires high quality: Transparency, Honesty, and Prestige. This is also the target Eubiz is aiming for.

Before embarking on developing its products in the European Market, Eubiz had the opportunity to develop its products in the US Market, a very large market that requires high quality standards. It has affirmed its brand and obtained a copyright at USPTO and is one of the 100 best sellers of cashew nuts in the US. Following these successful steps, Eubiz wants to continue to develop in European and Japanese markets.

The first period of time of  EUBIZ’s implementation was very challenging: Difficulty from the funds, processing technology, persuading farmers to plant organic cashew plants, developing the process of processing/producing cashew nuts that meet the international standards, and the strict closed-packaging process. The hard work of my associates and partner-farmers is the motivation for me and the company’s management team to create the perfect product for the world. I also remember that at the end of 2019, my capable associates drove 100-200 km a day on motorbikes to go to households, cooperatives, and ethnic minority areas to convince them to cultivate organic produce to cooperate in supplying good materials to international markets. Such difficulty seemed to make EUBIZ tired, but thanks to the unanimity of the team and the consensus of the farmers, the implementation has flourished and developed.

In the process of researching the world market, Eubiz also understands the eating habits and behaviors that make the rates of diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure soar in our fellow countries. Because of that, the demand for Non-GMO and vegan products is increasing.

Since then, Eubiz produces products that are rich in energy, free of cholesterol, low in sodium, low in fat, high in fiber and vitamin ratio, helping to improve the health of the people in our fellow countries, without changing their eating habits and preferences.

In the near future, Eubiz hopes to bring the Vietnamese brand name all over the world, help farmers in Binh Phuoc increase their income and have stable jobs, contribute to local development, help improve infrastructure – electricity lines and schools, and to support workers’ children to study and grow up better.